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Pack Mount Holster

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Current lead time: 2 weeks (This is how long it takes to build your holster. Shipping is 3-4 days after it is built)

Pack Mount Holster

The Pack Mount Holster directly attaches your holster to the waist belt on your hunting pack. Three separate backers are designed specifically for the webbing of Stone Glacier, Exo Mtn Gear, and Kifaru. Other packs may fit if they use a similar webbing design.

Stone Glacier and Exo versions can be taken off the pack and worn directly on your pants belt.

The hole pattern on the backer plate will accommodate several off the shelf holster shells such as Blade Tech and G Code as well as common Kydex OWB Taco shells with Blade Tech blocking. If you happen to have a gun that Razco doesn't have tooling for it is now simple to have your local Kydex holster maker build you a shell that will function on the Pack Mount backer.

NOTE: Please allow 2 weeks for order production, and 3-4 days for shipping. For questions about returns and refunds, please see our refund policy.

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