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How to choose the holster that's right for you

How do the holster types differ and what purposes are they built for?

OWB (outside waistband) These are typically mounted to a belt and worn on the dominant hand side of your body outside of your pants. Appropriate for range use, open carry, conceal carry with an outer garment of sufficient length and of course showing off your BBQ gun.  These holsters will also readily convert to molle pattern mounting or some backpack waist belts.

IWB (inside waistband) Worn inside your pants anywhere from the 12 o-clock position all the way to the 6 o-clock position with 12 o-clock being your belly button. Greater concealment will be achieved with an IWB holster however you may need to size your pants accordingly to fit a gun inside them. (ie buy one size bigger pants if you don't have much extra room in your britches)

Chest holsters are a great choice for outdoor adventurers, archery hunters, backpackers, or fly fisherman. The gun rides out of the way of your chest waders and backpacks and will not interfere with proper operation of compound or recurve bows.

Razco Belt Rig

Guidelines for owning a Razco holster

  • Learn and be strict about proper and safe firearm handling. There is no excuse for unsafe handling of such a powerful tool. 

  • Wear a belt designed to carry a gun. There are literally hundreds of companies making gun belts these days in all sorts of materials and styles. They are available from dress belts all the way to tactical belts, and if you regularly carry a gun buy a gun belt. 

  • Clean your holster often. Kydex® is a great material to make a holster from and it will cause minimal surface wear if you keep gunk out of it. You can wash your Razco holster with any mild detergent like dish soap or simple green.®

  • Don't leave your holster in direct sunlight in a vehicle. If its above 80 or so store the holster under the seat or somewhere similar. The glass in automobiles amplifies the suns energy and can cause hot spots in your car or truck warm enough to warp your holster. Wear and use in hot weather won't be a problem but don't leave your holster laying around in the hot sun. 

Check back often for more tips and lessons learned.

Chest Rig Wear and Adjustment Instructions

      Your Razco chest rig is designed to be worn over your right shoulder if you are right handed and left shoulder if you are left handed.  When you first put on and adjust your chest rig, loosen all three straps to their max extension.  Undo the buckle at the muzzle end of the holster.  For right handed holsters place your right arm only through the loop that the two remaining straps make, for left handed holsters left arm only through. Do not put your head through the loop. The remaining strap with the quick release buckle  goes behind your back and under the opposite armpit from the arm you put through the loop. Clip together the buckle. Holding the holster where you'd like it to ride on your chest, tighten both straps that go around your midsection equally. Once both midsection straps are snug, tighten the shoulder strap. Insert an unloaded firearm into the holster and ensure it will sit where you like it with the added weight. Once adjusted remove the firearm. Take off the holster. Roll up and Velcro the loose ends of all three straps. 

Wearing a Razco Chest Rig

What is Kydex?

Kydex® is a thermoformable plastic. It is heated and then pressed around an object to create holsters, sheaths, tool carriers, and many other rugged retaining devices. Many different mounting options are available including several belt loop options, hooks, molle style webbing attachments, and Velcro attachments. Kydex® comes in a variety of colors ranging from black all the way to hot pink.

Kydex® is superior to leather and nylon as a holster or sheath material. It doesn't retain water and get heavy or cause rust. It doesn't stretch when wet or rot away. It is made to fit your gun or knife exactly and therefore is a better fit than a run of the mill nylon holster. As a Inside the waist band (IWB) holster the hole the gun is supposed to go back into will not close up like a leather or nylon holster will. It is also very thin and light weight.


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